" Lawrence delivered my custom long neck Irish Bouzouki to me. It was an incredible feeling to open up the case and gaze upon an instrument that up until that time had only existed in my imagination. The design, the tone woods, the inlay had all come together! So now, after ten years, I'm here to tell you it's been a wonderful journey discovering the nuances, tones and voicings of this awesome instrument, and growing musically with it. I've played 100's of gigs all over the Pacific Northwest, and rarely does a gig go by where someone doesn't corner me with questions about my amazing sounding "zouk". All I can say is "I Know!! ...I love playing it!" It was a pleasure working with Lawrence as a craftsman and artist, as a businessman and now a friend. I couldn't recommend a luthier more highly. He's the real deal."

– Greg Madill from Victoria, BC, Canada, www.gregmadill.com

"If ever I received a penny every time I heard the instrument is very nice, I would be driving a Ferrari. I'm deeply stunned. The instrument is perfect. Clear lines and perfect work."

– Gonzales from Asturia, Spain, Bazar

"I've gigged with the Baritone twice this week (Friday coffee shop gig and last night's SNAFU). It performed flawlessly."

– Todd from USA, Commodore Harlequin guitar, baritone model

"The bouzouki is a beauty in every way. A real masterwork. Both of us are more than pleased and offer our praise to your luthiery talents and our thanks for a magnificent creation."

– Dale and Jen from USA, Flat-top bouzouki

"Holy moley, the sound is to die for. Bright, loud, twangy, rich; awesome bass. I think we got the wood combination right, and you did a beautiful job voicing it."

– Richard from B.C., Canada, carved-top bouzouki

"The craftsmanship is first class, the tone is evenly balanced, warm and bright at the same time, without ever being strident or brash. The volume and resonance work perfectly with my voice – creating a perfect musical frame for my songs. Since Lawrence designed the guitar around the way I play, the playability is perfect, and I use it for a lot of the instrumental pieces, especially those in DADGAD tuning. I tour with my Nyberg all the time and it is always a big hit with the guitar players in the audience."

– David Essig from Canada, davidessig.com

"Just got it. what can I say WOW !!!! What a beauty I love the tone a real mac twang that cuts threw for a soloist – a real clean, bell-like quality over the entire range of the instrument."

– Eric from Canada, Marquis oval-hole

"I have been playing for days now. Beautiful, congratulations! The sound is very deep, loud and bright at the same time."

– Jose from Spain, flat-top bouzouki

"Absolutely, utterly fantastic… what a sound… strong & clear. It keeps in tune wonderfully and is loud."

– Darrell from USA, carved-top bouzouki

"Lovely piece of musical art work; congratulations to you, the artist, who made the wood come alive."

– Tony from Seattle,USA, commodore cutaway guitar



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