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Mid-Scale cittern thread

25.25" /640 cm or 24" scale length
16 fret neck
body : 16.7"L / 15.4"W / 4.1"D
44 mm neck width at nut
string gauges: .012p, .018pb, .030, .045w, .057w.
tunings: DGDAD, EADAE


The 5-course (10-string) long scale cittern is a suitable choice for someone who wants to add more than just a rhythmic style to their playing. With the bouzouki-length scale the low course is perfect for bass hits mixed into a structured pattern. It is also a very handy drone. With this course tuned to D or E many possibilities open up. Genereally the entire tuning is DGDAD if coming from a trad bouzouki background. For specific tunings I can customize string gauges to suit. Looking at it another way, it is like a lighter strung 5 course mandocello. A regular Mandocello tuning is CGDA, just add another high course for the D.

The rich character of the low sound spectrum comes across clear and unmuddied. This is thanks mostly to the carved-top. The flat-top citterns don't respond as nicely or crisply at the bottom end.

The neck is wide enough for comfortable fingering but deftly carved to keep things moving quickly when they need to be.

My custom design tailpiece accepts ball-end strings and is outfitted underneath with a leather string dampener to limit sympathetic resonances below the bridge.

I can make recommendations to outfit your cittern with the proper pick-up and pre-amp systems. See the Extras page.

Every Nyberg Cittern incorporates solid body plates, a mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge, adjustable truss rod (through soundhole), chrome precision tuning heads, chrome strap buttons, bone nut and saddle, custom cast and hinged bronze tailpiece, and includes a hardshell archtop case. Lifetime warranty.

Check the Design Ethics Page for details on construction and design.


Starting at $4450 US ($5340 CAD), walnut or sapele body,choice of top, and binding. Hardshell case included.

Top Options Body Options Binding Options
cedar honduran mahogany rosewood
englelmann spruce flamed maple cocobolo
sitka spruce indian rosewood ebony
port orford cedar flamed koa  
alaska yellow cedar    

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