25.25"/64cm or 24"/61cm scale length
16 fret neck
body : 16.7"L / 15.4"W / 3.6"D
36 mm neck width at nut
string gauges: .012p, .018pb, .030, .045
tunings : GDAD, ADAD, GDAE


The aspect of the carved-top provides a unique sound character that makes it a favourite for melody picking and subtle chording.The difference in this model compared to the flat-top is the warm, tight twang.  I have made my own small handplane and scrapers to carve the contours of the top to achieve the correct specifications in tone and strength.

This design is somewhat of a hybrid in itself as I use a uncarved but distinctly-domed back, and for a couple of reasons. This enforced doming brings out better projection and volume compared to carved backs. It also helps keep the instrument more affordable in terms of hardwood material usage.

2016 UPDATE. Nyberg Instruments is now offering a smaller body bouzouki, in either carved or flat-top. This zouk is 14 3/4" wide as opposed to 15.5", though slightly deeper. Currently we're working on a new page for the website. But in the meantime please visit the facebook pages here to see them and to hear them.

You can choose a topwood of sitka spruce, red cedar or Engleman spruce. I have found these choices to be commendable for my carved-top bouzouki designs. Cedar adds extra warmth and punch to the tight twang. Sitka spreads out more tonal balance in the high registers and Engelman falls about somewhere in between. The latter's higher cellular resin content forms a deep richness in tone but slightly more balanced than cedar.

There is adequate bracing under the soundboard. Most of the resistance is accomodated in the actual curvature of the top. An efficient neck angle helps establish the necessary down pressure to initiate vibrational transference.

The custom design tailpiece excepts ball-end strings and is outfitted underneath with a leather string dampener to limit sympathetic resonances below the bridge.

I can make reccomendations to outfit your bouzouki with the proper pick-up and pre-amp systems.

Note: A slightly shorter scale length bouzouki can be made at the same cost, a 24" string length with the same body dimensions.

EVERY NYBERG Bouzouki incorporates solid body plates, a mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge, adjustable truss rod (through soundhole), chrome precision tuning heads, chrome strap buttons, bone nut and saddle, custom cast and hinged bronze tailpiece, and includes a hardshell archtop case. Lifetime warranty.

Check the Design Ethics Page for details on construction, design, and options such as pick-ups.


Starting at $4000 USD ($4800 cad), walnut or sapele body,choice of top, and binding. Hardshell case included.

Top Options Body Options Binding Options
cedar honduran mahogany rosewood
engelmann spruce flamed koa ebony
sitka spruce paduak brazilian rosewood
port orford cedar flamed maple  
alaska yellow cedar quilted maple  
  indian rosewood  

Click here to contact me for specific pricing based upon your desired options.



See tracks below and also soundcloud files:


B-02: englemann spruce top, mahogany body

 download MP3 | 271 KB


IB-10: englemann spruce top, indian rosewood body

 download MP3 | 734 KB


B-Band UST pick-up. Bridge pick-up only (in carved-top bouzouki)

 download MP3 | 306 KB


IB-10: red cedar top, rosewood body

 download MP3 | 1.5 MB

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